Life Groups - Where Community HappensWe want to build communities of Christ-Followers who DO LIFE TOGETHER.

What is a Life Group?

Life Groups are groups of people meeting in homes weekly throughout Northwest San Antonio for a combination of fellowship, prayer, bible study, & outreach projects. Life Groups are a place to experience true community with other believers.  It is the best way to get connected and begin to feel like a part of the Journey Church family.

Why should I join a Life Group?

Here are four very important reasons.

  1. You’ll begin to understand the Bible better in a life group (there is nothing like the chance to ask questions.)
  2. You’ll begin to feel like you are a part of God’s family (and not just a face in the crowd.)
  3. Prayer will become more meaningful for you (your friends will be praying for you and with you.)
  4. You’ll be able to handle stress and pressure better (when our friends are there for us, life is a very different experience)

Do I have to be a member of Journey Church to join a Life Group?

No. Membership is only required to host a group.

What happens at a Life Group meeting?

Every group is different but there are some common denominators. Most groups have time for just hanging out, talking about the week and what’s going on in life, and a discussion of something relevant to the members of the group.

Ready for a phenomenal life change? Want to have a closer walk with Christ? Check out our listing of Life Groups below.