Elementary Volunteers

Do you have a heart for kids? Join the Journey Church Kids team and volunteer in any of the following ways.

  • Class Leader-communicates the weekly Bible story in an engaging, creative way and facilitates and leads activities with the children in a large group setting. Requirements: Journey Church Membership
  • Co/Sub Leader– helps the primary leader facilitate activities and develops relationships with the children: prepared to step into the role of class leader at any time if the scheduled class leader cannot be there. Requirements: Journey Church Membership
  • Small-Group Leader-primary leader for the small group; develops relationships with the children; facilitates activities and leads children in a fun, engaging activities, which teaches them about their heavenly Father and about a relationship with Jesus Christ. Requirements: Journey Church Membership
  • Small-Group Assistant-assists the small group leader with facilitating activities; helps with discipline/calming children; helps keep children engaged and participating.
  • Tech Support-our large group time provides volunteer opportunities for people who enjoy providing audio, visual, and computer graphic support.

If you are working on the first service, please be there by 9:40 to prepare your area and to pray for the kids you will be teaching that day. The door will be opened to receive children by 9:45.

If you are working on the second service, please arrive by 11:10 to relieve the first service volunteers and to prepare your area. Children will be allowed to start coming into the classes at 11:15.

If you are interested in serving, please complete the volunteer registration form below, and will we contact you for more information.

Thank you for your willingness to serve!

Why Small Groups?

Small groups provide an intentional community for kids. One of the greatest gifts Journey Church can provide families is a consistent community of caring adults who are there to be a second voice and give wise direction when life gets complicated. This community of adults and friends provides a place for children to belong while wrestling with life-changing truths, and as they apply them in everyday faith. Small groups go hand in hand with how God grows us spiritually.

Here are a few ways to have effective small groups:

  • Leaders build trust through being dependably present, prepared, and invested in the lives of kids so that when life becomes emotional, kids turn to that second voice for direction.  Our goal is to have the same small group leader assigned to a particular age group so kids can build that relationship with the person they are seeing weekly.
  • Ask parents to commit to attending a specific service time so that kids can be placed in groups with a consistent leader and the same group of friends in which to build community.
  • Assign “BFF’s” to visitors so that they are welcomed and feel a sense of belonging from the first minutes they arrive. These friends can be trained to engage them in conversation, help them to know what to do throughout the session, and introduce them to others.

Remember that relationships are the primary goal of small groups. Activities are designed to engage kids in spiritual discussion, and in the application of faith skills to connect them personally with their heavenly Father and each other.


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