Toddler & Preschool Volunteers

We have several opportunities for you to serve in our Toddler & Preschool classes.

  • Class Leader– primary leader for the group/class; facilitates activities and develops relationships with the children. Begins Bible storytime by introducing the topic, engaging the preschoolers to gain their attention and focus; leads into the Bible story.  Requirements: Journey Church Membership
  • Co/sub Class Leader– helps the primary leader facilitate activities and develops relationships with the children: prepared to step into the role of class leader at any time if the scheduled class leader cannot be there. Requirements: Journey Church Membership
  • Assistant-assists the class leader with facilitating activities; helps with discipline/calming children; helps keep children engaged and participating.

If you are working on the first service, please be there by 9:40 to prepare your area and to pray for the kids you will be teaching that day. The door will be opened to receive children by 9:45.

If you are working on the second service, please arrive by 11:10 to relieve the first service volunteers and to prepare your area. Children will be allowed to start coming into the classes at 11:15.

If you are interested in serving, please complete the volunteer registration form and will we contact you for more information.

Thank you for your service!


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