Our Reach

Our Local Partners

Babcock North Community 

We share God's love with our community through Park Outreach Events, weekly groceries for families, and home repairs.
Boone Elementary School

We have partnered with Boone in our community since 2015. We help host family events, care for teachers and staff, and host large outreach events for the community. We also provide groceries for the most needy families in the school. 
Somebody Cares San Antonio 

Partnering since 2007, we work with SCSA to feed the poor through community events and food pantry supplies. 

Our Global Partners

Journey Church Philippines Network of Churches
Mike and Lizanne Sanchez - Mexico
Brad and Marty Sprague - South Africa
We support a network of sister churches called Journey Church Philippines (JCP) in southeast Asia.  The JCP Network began in 2007 with one church in Manila and has grown to over 140 churches throughout the Philippines and spreading to other Asian countries. 
Mike, Lizanne, and their children are sharing Jesus on the west coast of Mexico. God is using them to feed and educate the poor, as well as help marriages become strong and healthy. 
Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Brad trains pastors in Africa toward spiritual and emotional health through Life Plan coaching. He and Marty have a heart and gift for helping leaders in ministry serve God to their full potential.